Only read this webpage if you want to consistently win at Blackjack... AND ... you are as frustrated as hell because you all too often leave the table with less money than when you began to play:

Why? Because what I'm about to
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I had trained you personally!


Dear Fellow Blackjack Players,

Most people are too eager to play without proper preparation. That's why there are too many losers at the tables. They just let chance, hope and gut feelings guide their actions. It could be that they don't know, don't believe or don't care that there is a right way to play each and every hand. Losers are an integral part of game. Without them, there wouldn't  be any casinos. Necessary as they are (the losers), you don't have to be counted among their ranks.

If you agree with that last statement you need to take action NOW by ordering your copy of Blackjack Drillmaster. Send in your order today and you can start training ASAP and be on the winning side.

As a player, an observer and a researcher I've seen thousands of dollars thrown away by enthusiasts who enjoy the "thrill" of the game - but don't have a clue on how to properly play their cards.

And the NUMBER 1 reason is that they don't know... Basic Strategy

...much less how to do card-counting

Studies and actual games over the years had proven that players can have an edge over the casinos when it comes to Blackjack by the correct use of basic strategy and card-counting.

Even if those players had heard of Basic Strategy before, they might have ended up so confused having to memorize different tables for different variations of blackjack (such as those for single-deck versus multi-deck games).

In practice, it was found that it is best for a player to just learn THOROUGHLY one generic basic strategy table applicable to any game.

If you had tried learning basic strategy and card counting on your own I know that you'll agree that it takes a lot of work to learn and practice - first you have to memorize the chart then to practice you have to shuffle the cards and deal them out not just once but through several rounds and even then you would not have gone through  every entry in those tables.

A few of you who tried might have succeeded in learning after some persistence ....a whole lot more would have just given up not for lack of trying but rather from being worn out by the tediousness of the process. I know because I have gone though the same experience before.


"Is there any help available
to those who would like to learn how to win?"

Probably, like me, you had also searched the internet for a better way of doing these learning exercises and found and tried a couple of Blackjack programs most claiming to teach basic strategy and card counting.

Did these programs helped at all?

Most likely the answer would be a big NO ... as most of them are just basically blackjack game programs with basic strategy hints shown as you play. You'd be lucky if you find a drill or two thrown in.

So now what? ...just give up and rely on lady luck?

I didn't give up that easily nor should you.

Since I am a programmer and I did not find an existing program that satisfied my needs I created one myself. I gathered all my blackjack books, located every drill suggested and implemented them in a program. I even came up with a few new drills that would really help in the learning process.

Since completing the program a couple of years ago and after regularly using it to practice basic strategy and card-counting, I had become a consistent winner at the blackjack table.

...and YOU CAN TOO!

Thinking back to the time when I had been looking for a software that could help me train myself and not finding any that really satisfies, I realized that there might be lots of other guys (and gals) out there who are also frustrated at the lack of a real Blackjack training program. And because of that, I had sold the program since 2005.

Skeptics might ask, if the program is so good at helping me win, why share this with others?

The answer is very simple and straight-forward  - the drills are no secret. They can be found scattered in several good blackjack books. The program brings all the drills together and helps the user practice them with ease, increasing the odds that they will stick with the drills and in the process commit the basic strategy to memory. Plus, selling the program allows me to make additional money that could go to my casino bankroll.

And so, here it is ....the BLACKJACK DRILLMASTER program.  

Windows 7 Compatible Downloads


"What about the other blackjack
software out there? What makes
yours any different?"

I'm glad you asked! Because if you had tried any of them you'll find that unlike them, TRAINING IS OUR FOCUS. It is not an afterthought.

You will study and learn by doing practice drills in the following:

basic strategy


proper betting based on the count

when to deviate from basic strategy.

You will be guided step-by-step so that finally you will be able to tuck this skill and accomplishment under your belt and walk confidently into any casino ready to face the dealer knowing that you have the competitive advantage this time around.

Blackjack Drillmaster is the most economical, efficient and effective way of acquiring the skills you will need to play winning blackjack. I am not making any guarantees that you are going to win. Do not expect this to be the key to instant riches through gambling. I can only assure you that with this program you will become a really proficient basic strategy player and a card-counter if you so desire and put in the necessary effort. Anyone of average intelligence with a strong desire to learn and a willingness to work at it can greatly benefit from the use of this program.


How does it work?

Blackjack Drillmaster has a user friendly step-by-step progression of drills that will allow you to confidently practice every possible basic strategy move and build your card-counting skill. The constant repetition afforded by the drills will help make these skills second-nature and allow you to use them without second-thoughts or hesitation.

The screen recording below will show what to expect.

That's it. It is really very simple to use.


Are there any Bonus Items included?

There are no bonus items in this package. The Blackjack Drillmaster program will deliver on its promise of helping you learn basic strategy and card-counting and so it do not need any crutches - it can and it does stand on its own merit!


Ok, How Much Does Blackjack Drillmaster Cost?

I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the price you'd pay for an overpriced seminar or course.

This program is reasonably priced at $60 $30.

For a Limited time, it's HALF OFF!

I think that it is a fair price compared to other options. Cheaper programs are just games with a few drills. With systems, courses and ebooks offered online, you still have to do the drills manually.  Seminars are too expensive, usually costing hundreds of dollars. Also, you have just a few days to be taught. If you want to retake it you'll have to pay again.  With this program, you can learn at your own pace and practice anytime you want. You can start it up and practice a year from now ... 2 years or even more. Get it now and start training to win!

Just think... FOR LESS than the price of a night out on the town, you can unlock the key to winning at the tables. The drills provided by the program will help anyone, who's ready to put in the effort needed, take on the casinos.



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Yes, the price will go up sometime soon. When that actually happens depends on a lot of factors. It could be tomorrow, it could be in a few weeks or few months time. All that I can guarantee is that this is the lowest price point you'll ever see on this site. Once it goes up, it probably won't come down again.


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This training is not for everybody. This is only for those people who are determined enough to become a winning blackjack player. If you take this training seriously, and apply yourself diligently then you should be well on your way to winning.


You have to give 100% effort in doing the drills each and every day.

If in 30 days you don't feel like that this program has improved your skills as a blackjack player, increased your chances of winning and reduced the possibility of losses then you will get a full refund for the cost of the program, no questions asked! 


Whether you decide to use this program or not, one thing is for certain - you need a strong foundation in basic strategy for you to have any shot at being a winner at blackjack. All card-counting and betting progression systems rely on basic strategy as their cornerstone. Using this program just for the basic strategy drills alone will be worth its low cost.

Only you can decide whether you want to be one of the many losers in the casinos, or a WINNER.

Make the smart move and begin winning at blackjack today by ordering now!


P.S. If you're not ready to order yet but is interested in learning all that this program has to offer, you can download a trial version that will expire after 5 use or 15 days whichever comes first.